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Use your cordless screwdriver together with iWinch - hoist your main, furling your headsail, hoist anchor and much more. Choose your currency: EURO, SEK, AUD, GBP, USD

iWinch Aluminium Bit

49.50 €

iWinch bit fits most of the winches available on the market and is easily mounted on electrical screwdrivers with 13 mm shuck. Convert your power tool to become the best onboard help ever. Hoisting the mainsail has never been more fun! 

Tested in Yachting World: 5 stars rating. 

Yachting World Test: We have given iWinch quite a beasting over the summer using it on our heavy 60ft expedition yachts were the loads are greater than you expect on a standard 40ft cruising yacht. Every skipper without exception loved the iWinch for its utility and practicality. Highly Recommended!

The most important advice is: iWinch is never better than your electric screwdriver. Always choose a quality product that will match your expectations. 

You will always benefit owning a quality screwdriver both onboard and at home. Compared with an electric winch, this is still a relatively low cost.

Start with using your existing screwdriver. If you need a stronger one we recommend Dewalt DCD996P2. 95nm, brushless and with 2x5ah batteries. Always use the extra handle for extra safety. 

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