How to use iWinch

The most important advice is:  iWinch is never better than your electric screwdriver. Always choose a quality product that will match your expectations.  You will always benefit owning a quality screwdriver both onboard and at home. Compared with an electric winch, this is still a relatively low cost.

How do I handle the machine? Start at low speed to increase the speed when you get drag mode. When using low / intermediate loads it is advisable to steer the machine with one hand. However, if higher load occurs, you should relieve the hand that controls the speed of the machine by crossing the arms (see figure) and grasp the battery part to hold. A technique that works very well as you completely relieve your wrist. Some machines also have a relief arm mounted on the machine which is good to use. Many screwdrivers have multiple switches, learn which gear works best and in what mode. Even the winch often has different switches, learning which direction works best. Do not use a too tight screwdriver for the task it should handle as it may damage the machine negatively. What's too weak a screwdriver can vary a lot depending on the size of your boat and the size of the winch. Generally, machines under 50nM are too weak. Even battery power can affect the power of the machine, which recommends batteries of at least 3ah. Our advice is that you try the machine you have and if it can not upgrade to a larger one. To handle most of the assignments, we recommend 70nM or stronger and with carbonless motor. Carbonless engines are more efficient compared to carbon brush engines because no friction losses occur, which in turn increases battery life, cools better and increases the life of the machine.

Please buy a dual-battery machine preferably with 5 Ah, which will last a long time before recharging is required. A stronger battery also provides a stronger machine. Also buy a voltage converter 220v-12v so you can board the boat. However, modern batteries last long before new charging is needed. If you want to use iWinch on a competition, it's a great way to handle the sails faster and more efficiently. However, you must state in your SRS letter that you are using elwinch according to KSR52. However, it gives a minimal change that is usually not noticeable on your SRS numbers. Scooting and tearing faster gives you edge.

Start on a low speed to increase when you get drag mode. Take care when handling larger loads to avoid kickback. Please use the torque if you are unsure of how much power is needed.

The iWinch together with the screwdriver balances perfectly in the winch. There is no risk that it will fall during normal slope during sailing. iWinch is never better than your screwdriver. Put on a screwdriver with quality. You will always benefit from it in other respects onboard and at home.

Always make sure your screwdriver is at your fingertips. It is the best help on many occasions and you will be able to get it in a few seconds. A standard winch handbag case is ideal for storage.

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