Stig Ruchatz/Köpingsvik

Bavaria 33

I am very pleased with my iWinch. I am using iWinch when hoisting the main, furling my genua and also hoisting people up the mast. iWinch is working very well together with my screwdriver.

Screwdriver: Dewalt 95Nm

Kurt Ingberg/Täby

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349

I´m using iWinch all the time for lots of things. Mainly to hoist the main och furl the headsail but also wherever I need the extra power help.  

Screwdriver: Makita 60 Nm

Andreas Rundström/Tyresö

Arcona 370

My parents are getting older and have a pretty big boat to handle. iWinch makes it easier for them to hoist the main and furl the headsail. Also in some situations when they are docking and when they need to pull the boat closer to the dock.

Screwdriver: Hitachi 70 Nm

Richard Ander/Göteborg

Maxi 95

Since we´ve got iWinch the kids are competing who will hoist the main. It is fun and gives you the extra power you need. 

We also use the screwdriver for other projects onboard. 

Screwdriver: AEG 60 Nm