iWinch bit fits most of the winches available on the market and is easily mounted on electrical screwdrivers with 13 mm shuck. Convert your power tool to become the best onboard help ever.Hoisting the mainsail has never been more fun! 

All winches will become powered because you can flexibly use iWinch where needed. All the moments that are usually heavy on a sailboat are easy with this solution. The faster you hoist, furl your sails the less wear we add to our expensive gear. Using iWinch is a great way to get extra power when working the boat plus reduce sail flapping that will extend the life of the sail.

Hoist your mainsail - effortless

Furl and hoist your headsail

Reef your mainsail - faster and safer

Sheet you headsails and spinnaker faster and with precision

German sheeting - sheet your main effortless

Shorthanded sailing - your best help ever

Order your iWinch: https://www.iwinch.se/p/iwinch2/